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Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 more weeks..

 And baby Q will pop out. In 2 weeks time, Baby Q will be fully mature and ready to see the world. As for that we will have to see the doctor for full-term scanning and will start to visit the clinic every week. As much as I am excited to see our little one, I am not afraid admitting that I am actually scared. Seeing the due is coming soon, I've prepared 3 bags to bring to the hospital. one is for me, One is for the baby and one is for other essential like hot water flask n toiletries. I am yet to prepare 2 more bags, one is for my hubby and one for emergency, in case we have to stay longer in the hospital. Only by preparing all this stuff early, I can at least rest at night time without worrying that our little one will pop out anytime. I don't like feeling unprepared. Even so I am still feeling unprepared. I am nervous because soon my life will change again, I am just started to get use of being someone wife and now, I'll be someone mother's. I hope I can be the best mom for my little one...

Yours Truly =)

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