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Friday, November 15, 2013

Support Me My Beloved Readers

Hi my beloved readers,

Its been such a long years.. no longer blogging a bout my life as for now but kindly support my new blog Healthy And Greener Life Style

going to share more tips on health, parenting and biz there.. Thanks for the support! Love you all as always

Yours Truly =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 more weeks..

 And baby Q will pop out. In 2 weeks time, Baby Q will be fully mature and ready to see the world. As for that we will have to see the doctor for full-term scanning and will start to visit the clinic every week. As much as I am excited to see our little one, I am not afraid admitting that I am actually scared. Seeing the due is coming soon, I've prepared 3 bags to bring to the hospital. one is for me, One is for the baby and one is for other essential like hot water flask n toiletries. I am yet to prepare 2 more bags, one is for my hubby and one for emergency, in case we have to stay longer in the hospital. Only by preparing all this stuff early, I can at least rest at night time without worrying that our little one will pop out anytime. I don't like feeling unprepared. Even so I am still feeling unprepared. I am nervous because soon my life will change again, I am just started to get use of being someone wife and now, I'll be someone mother's. I hope I can be the best mom for my little one...

Yours Truly =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Infant: Heart-to-Heart Prenatal Listening System

The Heart-to-Heart Prenatal Listening System from Summer Infant is a wonderful way to hear and share the precious sounds of your unborn baby's tiny heart.  The unit does not use ultrasound technology, is safe and non-invasive.  It is the perfect way to start the bonding process with your baby.  Recording cable allows you to record the heartbeat to your home computer to share with family and friends.  Heartbeat sensor allows you to start listening to your baby's heartbeat, hiccups and kicks starting around the middle of the second trimester. Looks like a cool invention for parents !!

Its finally arrived safely last week. But when I first use it on my 30th week, my husband and i barely can hear the heartbeat. But last night, after my 31st week I tried it again using different headphone, which is expensive one, and tada I can hear the heartbeat clearly. tried recording the sound too and I manage to do it but again the sound only can be heard clearly if I use headphone or speaker. I don't know what wrong but I guess it because I record them using the sound recorder software just from my lappy. Whatever that is I seriously recommend this device to parents out there who is always curios on how their baby is doing..

Yours Truly =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper For Newborn

 Finally its here.. The Newborn (NB) Cloth Diaper (CD) that I order from Ridzs Collections. I fall in love instantly when I open the Poslaju package and found out that it was the special CD for NB that I ordered a week ago. The color was so perfect. The material was so soft. It was perfect the way I imagine it. So to soon-to-be mommy out there who is determine to use CD for their baby since Day 1, feel free to contact Rifzs Collection to order yours.. The owner is a very nice lady...

Yours Truly =)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cara Membasuh Cloth Diaper (CD)

Saya sebenarnya takde pengalaman lagi nak cuci CD yang telah digunakan oleh baby. Saya cuma ada pengalaman cuci CD yang baru dibeli. tapi saya nak share juga kat sini macam mana cara nak basuh CD.

Mula-mula kena buat prewash sekurang-kurangnya 3 kali tanpa menggunakan sabun. Lepas wat prewash ni, kena test gak samada CDtu dah menyerap ker belum. Caranyer dengan memasukkan insert dia ke dalam pocket CD and then tuang air atas CD tu dan perhatikan samada air menyerap atau tidak. selain itu, kita boleh juga tekan dengan jari tapi dengan lembut, alah-alah punggung baby tekan CD tulah kononnyer.. hehehhe.. Kalau dah menyerap, jemur semula jer tuk keringkan dan boleh disimpan untuk kegunaan baby. Kalau tak menyerap lagi, sila buat prewash lagi. Kalau dah buat banyak kali tapi still tak menjadi, basuh CD tadi dengan air yang suam-suam kuku. Insya allah menyerap lah dia tak lama lagi.

Untuk CD yang telah digunakan; sekiranya ada poo-poo baby, buang semua poo-poo ke dalam tandas dan jirus CD sehingga bersih. Kalau nak senang, guna flushable nappy liner atau pun washable nappy liner. So tak lah kena pada CD tu. Lepas tu, just kumpul CD dalam baldi. sampai masa boleh cuci guna mesin basuh ataupun hand wash. Masa cuci CD tak boleh guna sabun biasa tu, kena guna yang khas untuk pakaian baby or kids. Ataupun beli sabun cuci yang termurah dipasaran. Janji bahan kimianya tak terlampau tinggi dan takde peluntur. kalau nak CD tahan, kena guna laundry net masa basuh dengan mesin basuh. Nak tahan lebih lama, jom basuh secara manual. hehehhe... 

dah siap basuh, as usual kena lah jemur. palaing elok dibawah cahaya matahari. Nak jemur dalam rumha pun tak apa actually. Tak menjadi masalah. Dah kering bolehlah angkat dan sediakan untuk kegunaan harian. 

Mudah dan senang gitu.. hehhehe

Yours Truly =)
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